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Gaming Machines

“Familiar theme tunes and flickering lights, a fruit machine is almost as traditional as the British pub!”

We can source a range of gaming machines from £5-£400 jackpots.

Our meter read technology ensures security and transparency with all of our customers.

In order to provide a gaming cash-prize machine for customers to play, please ensure that you have first notified your local council licensing department and registered to pay Machine Games Duty tax on the revenue with HMRC.

A Premises licensed to sell alcohol has an entitlement to provide gaming machines set within the Alcohol Premises License. But you have to notify the Local Authority that you intend to continue to provide gaming machines and when your existing ‘notification’ expires you must renew – 2 months prior to the expiration of your existing permit.The majority of pubs are allowed two cash prize machines. Licensees who want additional machines must prove to local licensing justices that there is a demand for them. The “notification” is in the name of the premises licence holder and will remain in force for the duration of that licence. The current fee is around £50 and is payable directly to the local [council] authority.

In areas where children are allowed, you should only have gaming machines [AWPs} with a maximum payout of £5. Any other jackpot is only playable by people aged 18 or over. In this case, it is best to position your AWPs away from areas to which children have access. Make sure you are operating within your premises licence.

Learn more about Machine Games Duty here.

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Family Amusement Machines

We provide a full range of services for family amusement centres including:

  • Crane ‘Toy Grabber’ Machine
  • Prize Every Time Machines
  • Coin Change Machines
  • Driving, Fishing, Golf and Shooting Video Machines
  • Coin Pushers – 10p and 2p
  • Ticket and Prize Redemption Machines
  • Kiddies Ride Machines

In addition to supplying the machines, Reohorn Amusements can also supply licensed and un-licensed toy plush prizes. We select these based on upcoming movies or popular TV shows.

With our coin pushers, we can supply additional prizes to encourage players and seasonal coupon prize campaigns with all promotional material.

Pool Tables

We can supply licensed commercial premises with the supply and installation of traditional slate-bed tables with multi-coin mechanisms in a range of sizes.

Pool Table Cloth Recovery

For our pool tables, we also offer a full cloth recovery service to get your tables looking great again.

Our upholsterer will travel to your premises with the cloth colour of your choice and restore your table.

This service is available in mid- and South Wales, and south west England. Please get in touch for a quote.

Digital Jukeboxes

We can provide digital jukeboxes to premises who are looking to create a great atmosphere for their customers!

Featuring the ultimate music selection, digital jukeboxes can access 40,000 tracks when offline but if connected to the internet can access a huge 80,000+ tracks!

They also have the option for bingo and karaoke features, sporting events schedules and happy hours.

We can also set-up the jukebox to external speakers for sound throughout your premises.

We can manage the set-up of your new digital jukebox from setting up your PPL music licence to installation.

Portable Appliance Testing

Portable Appliance Testing of all electrical appliances can be undertaken at £1.80 per item

Faulty electrical items are often the cause of fires in premises. We can test your electrical equipment for you.

Our PAT testing service includes our qualified engineer travelling to your premiers, a detailed report of items tested, certificate of compliance and an annual service reminder.

Items we can test include; tills, hoovers, microwaves, TVs, toasters, glasswashers, kettles etc…

Prices from £1.80 per item. Contact us for a quote.