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Gaming Machines- Cash Prize Machines

A Premises licensed to sell alcohol has an entitlement to provide gaming machines set within the Alcohol Premises License. But you have to notify the Local Authority that you intend to continue to provide gaming machines and when your existing ‘notification’ expires you must renew – 2 months prior to the expiration of your existing permit.

The majority of pubs/ licensed premises are allowed two cash prize machines. Licensees who want additional machines must prove to local licensing justices that there is a demand for them. The “notification” is in the name of the premises licence holder and will remain in force for the duration of that licence. The current fee is around £50 and is payable directly to the local [council] authority.

In areas where children are allowed, you should only have gaming machines [AWPs} with a maximum payout of £5.

Any other jackpot is only playable by people aged 18 or over. In this case, it is best to position your AWPs away from areas to which children have access. Make sure you are operating within your premises licence.

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Juke Boxes

If a premises provides a CD or Digital juke box, the premises is required to be licensed to do so by both the PPL and PRS.

PPL collect the funds and distribute them to record companies and performers.

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Reohorn Automatics hold an annual Multiple Licence with the PPL which covers our customers. Please call us if you require our current licence number.

The PRS collect the funds for songwriters, composers & publishers.

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The PRS licence covers other media such as TV, radio etc and should be applied for directly by the premises to the PRS.

Pool Tables, Quiz & Video machines

No requirement to licence, permit or certificate of any kind!

Portable Appliance Test

All electrical equipment supplied with a plug must be tested regularly to ensure it is safe. The recognised safety test is called a Portable Appliance Test. Reohorn Automatics service engineers are qualified to complete these tests on any appliances and we are glad to be able to provide this service to our customers.

Click Here for more information on Portable Appliance Testing

What Entertainment can you offer in your licensed premises?

Bingo in Pubs

Poker In Pubs

Facilitating Betting in Pubs & Clubs is Illegal

Did you know that every year Reohorn Automatics & Amusements Ltd. Donate a % of profits to the Responsible Gaming Trust?

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