Leisure Machines by Reohorn Amusements

Leisure Machines by Reohorn Amusements

Amusements Machines Suppliers Across Wales and The UK

Our Team






Our Aims

  • To Increase Your Customers and Their Length of Stay.
  • For Our Team to Work With Your team
  • We Present Friendly, Knowledgeable,Uniformed Engineers.
  • Recommend & Supply The Best Products.
  • Keep Machines ‘on’. We Promise To Attend Service Calls the Same Day.
  • Regularly Update software, Jukebox Music & Quiz Questions.

Providing Added Value

§ Promote our “Recommend a Customer” Reward Program.

§ Test Your Portable Appliances (PAT).

§ Provide TLC’ Pool Table Loving Care! Cloth Recovers & Servicing

§ Provide a support Web Site- www.winning-combination.co.uk

§ Specialising in the supply of high quality, modern gaming and amusement equipment to pubs, clubs, theme parks, top tourist attractions and holiday parks across west Wales for more than 30 years!

§ The team of Reohorn Amusements pride themselves on building and maintaining close working relationships with individuals – landlords, managers, proprietors and suppliers.

§ And it is this approach that enables the team to advise and provide amusement equipment which is appropriate for each individual venue.

§ Professional Experience in the amusement industry is what counts.

§ The ability to recognise which of the latest, most up-to-date, amusement equipment introduced to the industry will be successful in which venue. And most importantly, experience gives the team credibility, advising not only, on which equipment, but where to position it within the premises to enable it to maximise its potential.

§ This combination of experience and quality is the reason so many local businesses choose Reohorn Amusements to supply them with popular amusement equipment. Currently more than 130 businesses operate more than 600 machines jukeboxes, pool tables, fruit machines and quiz machines for more than 14,000 hours every week!

§ So we appreciate that SERVICE is of the utmost importance in this industry!

§ Our team of engineers are pleased to be able to provide a 7 day a week service. In addition to this we are constantly reviewing and monitoring the performance of each piece of equipment and reacting accordingly.

§ Our experience tells us that it is important for customers to be inspired and with this in mind, we ensure fruit & quiz machines & jukeboxes are regularly updated. Landlords are encouraged to obtain feedback from their customers on the music selection available on the Juke box, this way we can be sure that the music is right for that particular clientele.