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THE JARGON! – What does it all mean?

SWP (Skill With Prizes)
QUIZ GAMES or any Machines that require skill or knowledge to win prizes. May also be known now as Cash Prize Machine if it offers a cash prize.

AWP (Amusement With Prizes)
Machines where you can win a cash prize by chance. Known now as Cash Prize Machine

Crane – a machine which has a claw type grab which is used to catch toys and prizes. Can either be a Prize every time or a game of skill

Pusher – A machine which is stocked with a play table of coins and pushes them back & for and as coins are added a win can be gained.


  • Give Fruit Machines pride of place.
  • Position Fruit Machines near the Bar
  • Ensure machines are highly visible to all customers. Good positions are en-route to the toilets or opposite the entrance doorway..
  • Leave plenty of space between Skill machines, so that ‘teams’ can play.


Select a member of staff to be your ‘Machine Guardian’ someone who can ‘talk-up’ machines and be responsible for:

  • Knowing who plays the machines and making sure that you have plenty of change. -Look after your Core players
  • Clear away empty glasses near machines.
  • Keep Access clear – especially around pool tables. Return stools and chairs to their correct position as quickly as possible.
  • Ensure that you have plenty of change, pool cues, chalk and cue tips – further supplies can be attained from Reohorn Automatics.
  • Set up the balls ready for the first game – it may give away a free game, but it may encourage further games
  • Discourage people from crowding around or sitting on the Pool Table.
  • Don’t allow people to bang, kick or abuse the machines.
  • Offer Favourite music tracks to your favourite customers – keep that Elvis Fan Happy! – download a Venue Favourite Form Here: venuefavs PDF
  • Keep machines clean and tidy – presentation is important. Polish the glass -don’t forget to clean the ‘pay-out’ shelf.
  • Brush & re-mark (black pen) your pool table regularly.
  • Report Faults Immediately – An engineer will be on-site within hours.


  • Site your machines in view of the bar and keep an eye on them.
  • Train your CCTV on the machines
  • Watch for suspicious behaviour- dud coins, false pay-out claims etc.
  • Collections will be made on the same date each month by a member of the team that you have already met. Carefully check the ID of any other collector and engineers.
  • Never let anyone ‘change’ your machine without verifying their ID first
  • If in any doubt at all or if you have any concerns- call the police.


Before calling an engineer out’ please check a couple of basic things first…

  • Is the plug fixed properly into the wall socket?
  • Is the lead fixed securely into the back of the machine?
  • Is it switched on?
  • Check the fuse in the plug.
  • Check all doors on the machine are securely locked.
  • If the fault is with a juke box – check if the ‘Mute’ switch is correctly positioned and the volume control is set at medium.
  • If your jukebox is on-line, Check your juke box is ‘seeing’ the router and that you have internet access
  • If your machine is suffering with “Sticky Buttons”- a good blast of domestic furniture polish and a wipe with a soft cloth will usually do the trick!
  • AND FINALLY! Try turning the machine off, count to thirty and turn it back on again!

Pool Tables

Print a pool tournament template

View our Guide to more Games that can Make your Pool Table Work for You

• Equipment – Ensure you have an adequate stock of cues, tips, triangles and chalk and that a scoreboard is on display.

• Lighting – Is your canopy at the correct height and are all the bulbs in working order?

• Space– Is there adequate room for players to takes their shots from all angles?

• Price – When did you last review the price of play on the pool table?

• Promotion – When did you last run a pool promotion or knock out competition in your pub to encourage new players and reward existing players?

• Presentation – Brush your table daily and remark weekly. If your table needs recovering then contact B Reohorn Automatics

• Pool Leagues – Are you in the local leagues? Ask B Reohorn Automatics

for more information.

• Rewards – Why not set the balls up on the start of each session. This will also ensure the coin mechanism is working.

Problems – Ensure service calls are placed promptly for any faults on your table

Prince 7ft Traditional
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Juke Boxes

  • Rewards – Special Occasion? For just £4 you could put enough credits on the jukebox for the birthday boy/girl to have an HOURS FREE MUSIC! 
  • Price – When did you last review the price of play on your juke box, how does it compare to the pub next door?
  • Promotion – For just £16 you could choose 4 hours of THEMED music – host a 60’s , 70’s or Country & Western Fancy Dress night!
  • Presentation – Clean the glass, make sure buttons are clean and not sticky.
  • Lighting – Are all the lights on your juke box in working order? Need a new bulb? Call Reohorn Automatics.
  • Space– Is there adequate room for players to takes their time choosing tracks? Ensure they are not ‘in the way’ of a busy area.
  • Music – Ask your customers what music THEY want to HEAR – call Reohorn Automatics for extra choice.
  • Offer Favourite music tracks to your favourite customers – keep that Elvis Fan Happy! – download a Venue Favourite Form Here: venuefavs PDF
  • Problems – Ensure service calls are placed promptly for any faults.

Amusement Machines

Machine income from fruit machines, pool tables, quiz machines, juke boxes, video games etc, can potentially contribute an average of 25% of a premises profits. Machines not only provide entertainment for players, attracting customers and retaining them on the premises, but they are also a lucrative income stream, whose importance is often under-estimated, and sometimes overlooked.

• Position machines where they are visible and in areas of good traffic flow

• Promote – Always have change available, tell customers about new machines, learn machine features to help.

• Profile – Attempt to match your machines to suit your customers, find out what customers want and discuss with Reohorn Automatics

• Presentation – Machines must always look the part; switched on, well lit and sound on.

• Breakdowns – Report breakdowns immediately and give specific nature of the fault.

• Electricity – Did you know that the average AWP costs only 70p per week to run.

• Security – Cash Collection Supervision. Provide a safe area for cash counting.

  • If applicable, swap change for notes to save bank charges and ensure sufficient supplies of change for players. Check ID of representative, on machine changes.

• Staff Training – Train staff to deal with machines in your absence, i.e. reporting faults, having change available.

If you everl have a problem, don’t hesitate to
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