Virtual Repair Assistance

We feel your pain!

You purchased a fruit machine for your home, for a bit of fun and it just doesn’t work properly, or it’s developed a fault!

The person you purchased from has no clue how to help

It’s going to be OK!

Because you’ve found Team Reohorn and we’re here to try and HELP you!

What’s more, you are in control of how much you spend on this repair!

Our VIRTUAL ASSISTANCE REPAIR service allows you, at each stage, to decide whether to proceed and spend a little more.


What you do

What we do

1Make a short video of the fault on your Fruit machine
2Go to:

Click Contact

3Send your Video via the Messenger link to

Reohorn Amusements




We will review your video for FREE and advise if we can help you

4If we can help, we’ll let you know.

If you’d like to proceed, we’ll send you a link so that you can pay for a LIVE! Assistance session, the fee is just £35.00 for a session lasting up to 30-minutes.




How will we assist?

What is a LIVE! Assistance?

Our technician will contact you. Support will be via a LIVE!  Assistance Session on your mobile phone or tablet. You’ll need:

  • A good mobile signal or Wifi
  • Access to all areas of the machine that you need to repair.

You will be directed to access all areas of the machine under the LIVE! Supervision of our technician,  please be confident that you can follow instruction competently.

Please note we will not be liable for any faults that may occur during this process and your participation in this programme assumes your agreement to these terms.

5You decide if you want to proceed and pay the LIVE! Assistance session fee of £35.00, safely & securely online.REPAIR and DIAGNOSIS

On receipt of payment:

  • We’ll contact you with the diagnosis and give you up to 30- minutes of LIVE assistance to repair the fault.


  • The 30 minutes will be devoted to:
  • Providing you with advice on the part(s) required
  • Researching & sourcing the part
  • Advising you of the cost of the part & delivery
  • and estimating how soon we can get that to you.
6You can choose to confirm If you wish to progress the repair and proceed with the parts order.If you proceed, we’ll send you another link so that you can pay for the parts & delivery.

We’ll order the part(s) and receive into our stock.

On receipt of payment for the part(s) & delivery, we’ll get it delivered to you.

7When you receive the goods, contact us and we will agree a date & time for a further LIVE! Assistance session and send you a link so that you can pay for that session.


8You pay the LIVE! Assistance session fee £35.00, safely & securely onlineOn receipt of the £35 fee, we will proceed with the repair via the LIVE! Assistance session up to 30-minutes.

If the problem is not resolved in the first instance, simply return the part(s) to us (by a tracked delivery service) and we’ll refund you.

You have the option to take further advice & try an alternative part/method of repair.

Need Extra time?

If you’d like us to spend extra time assisting you, further LIVE Sessions can be purchased at £35.00 for 30 minutes.

Terms & conditions apply