Family Amusement Centres


Family Amusements ‘Crane’ Toy Grabber

  • Prize Every Time
  • Permissible in family amusement arcades and games rooms
  • Classic fun for all the family
  • Win a Quality Plush Toy every time

Family Amusements Plush Toy Grabber ‘crane’

  • Choosing the best selection of quality plush toys for your customers
  • Licensed toys from the blockbuster films or most popular current TV shows
  • And the ever popular Welsh Teddies & Dragons, Shaun the Sheep, Doc McStuffins & Disney
Family Amusements – Coin Change Machine
  • Providing coin to play the machines is essential in every games room
  • Exchanging Notes to Coin
  • Exchanging Coins to Coins i.e. £1 to 2ps
  • Improving income in every Amusement Machine Change Machines

Family Amusements Videos

  • Driving, Fishing, Golf, Shooting there’s no end to the choice of video game s to keep your customers entertained
  • Permissible in family amusement arcades and games rooms


Family Amusements Coin Pushers

  • Traditional “Penny Falls” for the 21st century – 2p or 10p play!
  • Team Reohorn have a special touch when it comes to Coin Pushers:
    • Extra toys & prizes on the play tables to encourage players!
    • Seasonal “Collect coupons & Win a Prize” promotions ; we also provide all the support posters!
  • THE most popular arcade game.
  • Permissible in family amusement arcades and games rooms


Family Amusements Ticket & Prize Redemption

  • Hit the button to layer the blocks….can you make it to the top and win tickets for prizes?
  • Redemption Revolution – traditional game play but with the added attraction of a prize for playing and/or advancing….
  • Very popular arcade genre
  • Permissible in family amusement arcades and games rooms


Family Amusements Kiddies Rides

Classical fun for children

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