MythBuster – All amusements are safe to use ..Here’s how!

MYTHMyth- Busted!
We can’t put the jukebox on because people will touch the screenA hand sanitiser unit is fitted to the jukebox.

Customers can use this before and after touching the screen.

If your jukebox is online, you can encourage customers to download the NSM Music APP to their phone – this allows them to remain seated and choose tracks on your jukebox!

If your jukebox is off-line and customers can only choose songs by touchscreen – place a stool in front of so they can sit down whilst choosing.


We can’t put the fruit machine on because of social distancingCan you find a quiet corner for your fruit machine?

Can you put a sign on it, requesting players to only use the machine if the table nearby is unoccupied? Vice-versa, can you put a sign on the table nearby asking customers to choose another if possible, if there is a player on the fruit machine?

There are signs on all fruit machines advising that they should be played by individuals only or socially bubbled groups.

Place a stool in front of the fruit machine, so players can remain seated.

The league says we can’t use the pool tableAssess the risk

A league game will consist of two teams. The potential is for up to 14 people perhaps milling around the table at the same time.

This is a completely different risk than individuals playing a game of pool.

Stick to your protocols and its safe for you to offer the Pool table for play and entertain your customers!

Provide wipes, so the table edges can be wiped before and after a game.

Players should use the hand sanitiser before they pick up a cue and at the end of the game.

Players shouldn’t swap cues during a game.

The non-player should remain seated 2meter distance from the table.

Touching the pool balls does not present any transmission hazard as long as these protocols are adhered too.