COVID 19 – Back to Business!

Advice relevant 02-06-2020

Reohorn Amusements Return to Business Action Plan!

As we emerge from this crisis, it is important to take a careful and considered view of the requirements and recommendations that are financially viable and enable us to power up Jukeboxes, gaming & amusement machines and rack up the balls on pool tables once again. So that all stakeholders can play their part in reviving the pub and amusement culture. 

We believe that it is highly likely that once the public’s confidence grows and Covid precautions become more ordinary and natural, socialising and the staycation will become popular once again –people will want to enjoy their leisure time, in an environment that they feel safe in , where the venue demonstrates consideration of customer wellbeing.

  • Assess the risks, put control/safety measures in place.
  • Remember – amusement machines have easy-wipe-clean hard surfaces and earn you revenue 😉

Guidance for Games rooms, unlicensed Family Entertainment Centres and Licensed bars

A degree of flexibility will be needed as not every venue is the same. The trade association for the amusement and gaming machine industry in the UK, bacta, has produced guidelines, they are broad and will be subject to individual risk assessments by individual operators and venues.


  • Once guidance allows, Reohorn Amusements intend to implement the following measures to support your efforts to return the FUN to leisure time spent at your venue.


(i) Arrange machines in configurations OR seal off the coin mechanisms (prevent play) so that social distancing can be achieved.

(ii) Have highly visible signage on machines advising that players should only stand side-by-side at machines if they are members of the same family or social group. For example, at jukeboxes or multi-player machines such as coin pushers, ‘penny falls’.

(iii) Provide a hand sanitising station affixed to 1 in every 3 amusement machines in use in Games rooms. And on each type of machine in a licensed premise i.e. fruit machine, pool table & jukebox. This sanitiser will be affixed to the machine.

(iv) Provide stickers/signs requesting all players use the sanitiser provided before, during and after play.

(v) Proactively promote use of the mobile APP to access cashless credits and play jukeboxes.


  • Premises owners/managers are responsible for customers and are recommended to:


(i) Provide indications/signage to customers to demonstrate two metre social distancing. i.e. wall posters or floor stickers

(ii) Provide signage requesting all customers to use the hand sanitising and cleaning stations.

(iii) Hand sanitiser to be available to all customers entering the premises and for hand sanitisation stations to be available around the venue. 

(iv) Cleaning stations available to all customers. Providing paper towels and disinfectant (similar to the set up in a gym ) to enable customers to clean machines after use. OR Team members to regularly clean, with disinfectant, all machines once they have been vacated by a player and on a regular basis.

(v) Where possible, to provide one entrance and one exit, clearly sign-posted to encourage broadly single directional travel around the arcade if possible. 

(vi) Where not possible, arrangements to be made as best they can to avoid crossover of people entering and leaving the premises. 

(vii) (Games rooms) Appropriate signage and communication with responsible adults should encourage them to control their children more tightly than might otherwise be the case. Children, should for example, be always required to remain with a responsible adult . 

(viii) (Games rooms) Display signage that recommends a limited number of people to enter the premises (with sensitivity to the family nature of the venue and members of the same social group) based upon square meterage of the venue of one person per four square metres. 

(ix) All team members, especially those monitoring CCTV to be fully trained and prepared in these safety protocols and competent to be able to prompt and enforce.

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