Celtic Win bodes well for 6 Nations !

Our team Reohorn is proud to announce we have been selected by Celtic Holiday Parks to supply gaming & amusements in each of their outstanding Holiday parks. “We’re working closely with Huw, Jack and their teams “ said Les Reohorn “We are very excited with this win and can’t wait for the 2016 season to […]

Sunny times ahead for Reohorn Amusements Team

The Reohorn team are pleased to have been chosen to supply Sunnyvale Holiday Park with gaming and amusement equipment. “I’ve know Dean for a number of years, Sunnyvale is a superb, high quality park ” said Director Les Reohorn, ” It’s an exciting season ahead and we are really looking forward to working with Dean, […]

Setting Up Facebook Wi-Fi for Your Business

Click here to learn how for a FB tutorial Facebook Wi-Fi turns your router into a Wi-Fi hotspot, connecting you with your customers when they visit your business and bringing visitors to your Facebook Page. With just one click, your customers can check in to the location associated with your Facebook Page and start using […]

WiFi’s a Must ! Free advertising! Today’s Top Tip

Make sure that you have free WiFI available to customers – encourage them to “Check -in” on Facebook..that way all their Facebook Friends will see their check-in ! The ‘Check-in’ raises awareness of your premises 🙂

Welcome To Brian at the Foresters in Neyland

Everything progressing nicely in the Forresters Arms in Neyland ?installed a Sound Leisure jukebox and speakers in there yesterday ? Fruit Machine to follow in time for the opening night!